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Plans for the Future

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Dalgıç: While we were planning for the tomorrow 10 years ago, we are planning the future now.

Success or failure is the management R&D of companies!

We made mistakes from time to time, both in operational processes and in our investments. It continues to happen. We take care to place this in our corporate memory, not as a mistake, but as an experience. As a matter of fact, making individual mistakes as long as they are not repeated is one of the most natural elements of company management. We should also allow our managers to make limited mistakes and reward their success. This will allow for total improvement.

Choose your co-workers not based on their appearance, thoughts or worldview, but among those who are competent, moral, friendly and respectful to people. When you find such a person, do your best to make him happy. The biggest deficiency of today's companies is human resources. The only thing money can't buy is people. If even one of these is missing, one side of your work will be missing and a complete success will unfortunately not be possible.

QUALITY PRODUCTION It is very important to us

We aim to have the developing technology, to train operators who can use this technology and to improve our technique. Today, quality production is indispensable for the business world. To achieve this in today's world, it is only necessary to keep your production area up to date and train our human resources.

Automotive Sector Supporter of Many Sectors

Flying vehicles are only a 10-year dream. Automotive is the cradle of many industries. It will continue to evolve. Obviously, whichever style is more user-oriented and makes people's lives easier, the developments in that field will intensify. Will the flying vehicle be one of them or will it remain a legend, the demands of the people in the industry will emerge.



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