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Dalgıç Global Matexpo 2023: Innovation and Quality in High Precision Standards

matexpo 2023

With the development of technology, high precision and quality standards are becoming more and more important in industrial products. As a leading company that meets these requirements of the industry, Dalgıç Global will take part in the Matexpo 2023 event with its innovative products.

Dalgıç Fastener Branded Products: Dalgıç Global plays a leading role in industrial connection solutions and offers products with high precision standards. Here are some of the products you can see at the Dalgic Global booth at Matexpo 2023:

  1. Tape Fasteners: The Submersible Fastener branded Tape Fasteners meet your industrial fastening needs, combined with durability and reliability.

  2. Hinged Tape Fasteners: Fasteners, which provide more flexible connection with their hinged design, offer ease of use in various applications.

  3. Belt Fasteners: Dalgıç Global's Sheet Belt Fasteners offer fast assembly as well as strong connections.

  4. U-Bolt and J-Bolt: Designed for industrial fastening, the U-Bolt and J-Bolt models provide durability and reliability.

  5. Elevator Koko Cıvata: Developed specifically for the elevator industry, these bolts offer high standards of performance.

  6. Steel Bolts: Provides more solid connections with Parabaş design.

  7. Oval Jackson Bolt: With its oval head design, it offers the possibility of use on smoother surfaces.

  8. Tension Bolt: Dalgıç Global's high precision tension bolts provide reliable and stable connections.

Matexpo 2023 Booth Details: Dalgıç Global will be at its stand Hall No:5 502C at Matexpo 2023. We recommend that you do not miss this opportunity. You can visit their stands to examine high quality products, meet with company representatives and learn more about industrial connection solutions.

Dalgic Global will have a significant presence in Matexpo 2023 with its expertise in industrial connection solutions and products with high precision standards.



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